Monday, 4 March 2013

Region 31 PAC first coaching session 2013

Region 31 coaches Kevin Dunne, John Woods, Denis Bird and Karl Devlin assisted Eric Edwards in delivering a very successful and enjoyable coaching session for 30+ junior members of Prince Albert Angling Society on one of there staffordshire club waters Gailey reservoir. Setting up a dead bait rigs, lure fishing and trace making were just a few examples that were demonstrate by the region 31 PAC qualified coaching team under the ever watchful eye of  region 31's senior level 2 coach Eric Edwards. All in all it was another successful mission completed, demonstrating pike welfare in an exemplary manner and promoting safe pike fishing methods.
Kevin Dunne showing the budding young pike anglers how to set up a float ledger rig

Kevin Dunne letting the kids cast out the rigs they made and explaining to them how the rig works
John Woods explains lure fishing 
Denis Bird teaching the art of trace making
Last but not least Karl Devlin with the baits out waiting for that all important fish to demonstrate his pike handling skills to the junior members.

A big well done to all the region 31 coach team and PAAS