Monday, 30 September 2013

PAC kids win hands down

Region 31 PAC's first fish in of the new season turned out to be a cracker for all that made the trip to bonny Scotland. The weather forecast wasn't favourable with bright sunshine and light easterly winds but that didn't stop the pike from feeding. 9 members made the trip up north, most fished Friday till Sunday. Myself, my Son Michael Ward, Bernie Brennan and Brian Sephton (Sefo) arrived late on Friday evening and opted to fish the largest of the lochs available, there was already a few local lads fishing when we got there so bank space was limited, we managed to find a spot where we could all fish next to each other which I prefer as club fish ins should be a social event. Region organiser Jon Neafcy and father and son duo Rodney and Daniel Fletcher were already settled in on a small loch close by when we arrived so we left them to it and set about pitching camp for the weekend. The first night quickly past with nothing more than a few bobbin off''s, at first light we unloaded the boat and set about thrashing the lake with lures for a few hours, the fish were having none of it so we headed back to base camp for breakfast and coffee. On returning to shore spirits were high, Bernie had just lost a good fish, the hooks came free during the fight. By this time the morning sun was warming up the loch, plenty of prey fish feeding on the surface and the odd pike striking at them. I was next to get a run, an out and out screamer on my left hand rod, after a few minutes she was in the net, 13lb 10oz, (few, I've not blanked) a new Scottish PB for me. That broke the ice nicely, the fish were on the feed and confidence was high. PAC junior Michael Ward was next up, his new Billy's backbiter which he won at the PAC convention the week before dropped free from his line and let out that deafening sound, this fish was taking lots of line and running with real pace, the hooks were set and the fish didn't like it one bit, the pike stripped line from his spool and all Mike could do was stand there clinging onto his rod with both hands. This was a good fish but we hadn't seen her yet and she played him for 15 minutes before she broke surface, my first thoughts, an mid double, then the net slipped under her,

"wow, defo an 18 plus" I said, no one dared mention the twenty word but we were all thinking it. I zeroed the scales and Mike asked if he could hold the scales to weigh his prize catch. 21.01, 21.03 then the scales finally settled on 21b 2oz, we all congratulated him, photographed the fish and Mike took her to the water to see his new PB and first Scottish pike swim silently back to the abyss.

Things started to quieten down so I went for a stroll down to new R31 members Gavin Herrington and Martin Aspinwall, to see if they had managed to find a swim, it's true what they say, us pike anglers can get where water cant, they had managed to make the most of what limited space was available and settled in nicely, we had a quick chat and I wished them luck and set off to see the other members, I bumped into Rodney and young Daniel Fletcher next, Daniel had had an 18lber through the night, his new Scottish best, you only need to look at the photo to see just how pleased he was, well done Daniel another junior showing us old pro's how the next generation of pike anglers do it.

Jon Neafcy had wrapped up to get back in time for his daughters birthday party, we met up at Rodney and Daniels swim, had a good chinwag, and walked over to the area that the club boat was stored. The club boat had been there for a few years and wasn't really getting used that much so Jon offered to take it to a more local water for better use. Jon had also caught a few fish, 2 jacks and a double.
Bernie Brennan was next to take a fish, a 6lb jack on a popped up smelt he'd dyed red, I missed this one has I was away chit chatting with the lads, well done B

Sefo finally managed a small jack but was too embarrassed to have his photo taken with it (it really was that small) this left the new members Gavin and Martin to come up with the goods and make this trip a full house. Sunday morning came round, the night had been quiet once again, I had a bobbin off, bloody ducks and Sefo had a dropped run. I had a walk over to Gavin and Martin to stretch my legs and to see if they had had any luck, As I walked over I could see Gavin with a good fish in the net, by the time I got to them Gavin was taking photos and Martin was holding a good sized fish  "nice fish, how big?" I said, Gavin said "nineteen", Martin looked pleased as punch, 19lb 7oz, a new PB for Martin, well done m8. Gavin and Rodney managed to catch a jack meaning everyone caught.

All in all the club fish in was probably the best one I've been on, had a good laugh with the lads, met up with 2 new members,  several personal bests were bettered but it was the junior members that really stole the show and showed us old gits how to do it, well done Mike and Dan and a big thank you to all that attended.