Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Region 31 members recent captures

Dan Taylor's 28lb 08oz pike from a recent mid week session

Graham Benyon with a 27lb 08oz pike caught on Gadda baits

Assistant region 31 RO with a lovely 17lb pike caught on a recent outing

Bait box consultant and PAC RO jon Neafcy with his first 20 of the year

Part of a 117lb haul of pike caught by L/O and R/O jon neafcy on a PAC regional outing that also included 5 doubles

Jon with a few doubles caught last weekend

Jon Neacy with his first pike of 2014 from a flooded water, 18lb

Jon with his last pike of 2013, all his pike fell to Bait box baits

Pete Crisp with a glacial 16 pounder caught on a float ledgered mackerel