Tuesday, 10 February 2015

More big fish to Chew record holder

A brace of twenties (and his first twenty) @ 27.00 and 24.00 caught by “Uncle Mike” Heyes from the Walley Bank area of Chew Valley Lake on Wednesday 04th February 2015. The fish were caught in around 18’ of water at about 60yds range on herring tails at around 14:30 and 15:30 respectively.

Later on the same day at around 16:30 Paul Millar (AKA Golden Bollox) added his first thirty at 31.12 fishing the same bait in the same area.

Three low doubles were added on Thursday and Friday and Paul lost a big fish estimated at over 20lbs at 17:30 on Friday evening as it rolled on the surface around 30yds out after being on for approximately a minute. A minor blemish on an otherwise fantastic session.

In 12 months, the duo have fished 11 days on Chew Valley Lake landing fish weighing 44.06, 40.04, 31.12, 27.00, 24.00, 21.04, 17.12, 17.10, 13.00, 12.08, 12.00, a jack and two 5lb trout. The water certainly has been kind to them!